Radiology technician ultrasound


Ultrasound is one of the recent medical imaging techniques which enable the physicians to visualize and capture the size, structure and pathological lesions with real time tomography images. Stenographers use the ultrasound to obtain images of the organs that is to be examined. Ultrasound is specially used for determining the sex of the fetus and also to check for any abnormalities in the fetus. It is used by the stenographers for regular check up during pregnancy. Obstetric ultrasound is that which is primarily used for determining the pregnancy date; confirm the location of the fetus and to determine major physical abnormalities.

The presence of any abnormalities in the fetus can be cured in the womb itself. Ultrasound radiations are described as safe test because it does not cause hazards like chromosome breakage and development of cancer however it has 2 physiological effects – it enhances inflammatory response and heat soft tissue. This technology is inexpensive and portable when compared to others. It generates live image and marks the presence of any abnormalities. One can obtain the reports instantly without any delay. It is very useful in detection and treatment of tumors. Ultrasounds scanners use the Doppler technique to visualize the veins and arteries and also used for soft tissue imaging of certain parts like testicle, nerves and tendons.

The major difference between ultrasound is that the images can be obtained in real time whereas in radiography does not give real time images. Using radiography images one can only determine the presence of any abnormalities but cannot give the exact location. A radiologist technician can also do the ultrasound imaging by studying a course in stenography which requires at least three years of experience in radiology. Scope for radiology technician in ultrasound is wide and one can earn good sum of money in the field.


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