Radiology technician trainings


Radiology is the study of images and the different imaging technologies. A technician who specializes in the study of imaging technologies is called a radiologist. To become a radiology technician, one has to undergo the radiology technician training offered by many colleges and universities. There are different radiology technician training programs available based on the specialty. The technicians take images only with the prescription of the doctor and follow his instructions very closely in order to obtain the desired image results. A technician uses imaging technologies like the x-rays, CAT scans, MRI’s and ultrasound. The training program also enlightens on treating diseases through radiation and interventional radiological surgery.

During the radiology technician training, the students are trained to write reports and provide suggestions to the physician about the images of the particular organ. A radiologist may specialize in a particular area like the cardiovascular radiology, breast imaging and nuclear medicine. The technicians report their work to the radiologist assistants. Sometimes both of them work together for performing the preparatory process and positioning the patient. The radiologist assistant guides the technician in developing the images for diagnosis by the physicians.

There are many universities, colleges and universities that offer training courses on radiology. The duration of these training programs is between 1 and 4 years. Students who have a bachelor’s degree are eligible for the radiologist assistant training course whereas a student with an associate degree is eligible for the radio logic technologist course. These training programs equip the students with required knowledge in radiology by providing them with enough theory and practical sessions. The students are eligible to become a radiologist assistant or radio logic technician after the completion of the certification examination. Online training programs are also available with detailed tutorials and professors who guide the candidates through out the training program.


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