Radiology technician job in the medicine field

Radiology technician jobsRadiology technician jobs are one of the most rewarding jobs in the field of medicine. There is good scope for job and career for all the radiologists. Before taking up radiology as career, one has to know about the course and the training programs offered by different institutions to qualify as a radiology technician. There are many training programs which will qualify one as a radiology technician and get you radiology technician jobs. Maximum duration of these course is four years. One can find these training programs at hospitals, universities and trade schools. After completion of the training program, one will be eligible as a radiology technician, bachelor’s degree or associate degree.
After the successful completion of the course, one will be eligible to apply in hospitals and universities for the post of radiology technician jobs. Radiology technician jobs involve taking images that are prescribed by the physician and also administering non-radioactive materials in the patient’s blood stream for diagnosis. As a technician one has to prepare the patients by briefing them about the procedures that will take place when taking x-rays and also responsible for removing any metals articles that the patient might wear. Positioning plays an important role in obtaining good images. The technician positions the patient and the equipment accordingly in order to get clear images.
One has to be very careful in radiation technician jobs as it involves the presence of harmful radiation which can affect both the patients and the radiologist. The radiologist should use lead sheets to concentrate the beam on the particular part to be radio graphed. The radiologist will measure the thickness of the area to be imaged and set appropriate controls on the equipment so that required amount of radiation penetrates the area. After the imaging process, a radiologist removes the film for developing and sends it over to the physician for diagnosis.


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