Radiology technician association

Radiology-technician-associationMany of the well known industries in the radiology field have association where people meet annually to discuss about the advancement in the field and exchange their views. Generally it is organized by top companies. Radiation technician association is meant for the technicians where the entire radiologist gather together to discuss about the recent trends in the field. The program may be conducted for two days. The benefits of the association are as follows. It incorporates the recent trends in radiology for the betterment of health care. A national academic enterprise is set up which stimulates creativity of radiology. Academic radiology must be put into practice because it is the academics which shapes one into a radiologist.

Academic radiology along with the practice is discussed to ensure that the cutting edge technology is used in most of the organizations. The association encourages the technicians by rewarding the best practitioners. Competitions are like paper submission is conducted every year for the students. Students who win are entitled cash gift and certification for the work. Many award programs like the memorial award, gold medal award, Whitley award, trainee prizes and Stauffer award. Memorial award is given to students who submit an outstanding paper presentation on any aspect in radiology. Trainee prizes are awarded to students who are the author and presenter of an abstract.

Whitley award is given to one who presents the best radiological education paper which also includes $1000 along with certificate. Stauffer award is given in memory of Dr. Herbert Stauffer who was the major contributor in radiology. Gold medal award is given to one who does extraordinary contributions in radiology. Inter organizational research council is especially for the researchers which improves radiologic research through communication and funding research education opportunities. These are some of the activities that are conducted by the radiology technician association. One has to register in order to participate in the activities conducted by the organization.

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